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Cooking, baking or even whipping up a quick cocktail doesn't have to be complicated. I'm all about quick and easy meals, cocktails that only look fancy but have minimal fresh ingredients, and of course, a perfect meat and cheese board. From breakfast, to lunch and delicious desserts, these are some of my favorite recipes.

Try This Parpadelle Bolognese To Cure Your Winter Blues

This probably isn’t a fun fact but here goes. I’m Italian, hence my blog name has the word “vita” in it, it means life FYI. But for some reason, my family, as Italian as we are with the last name Camerata and my grandfather speaking Italian, no one in the family has a bolognese recipe. ...

ina garten is my spirit animal


I always keep a few things in my fridge and pantry for easy entertaining. Whether girlfriends come over to watch The Bachelor, or a friend pops by for a quick visit, be prepared!. Nuts, dried fruits, a few cheeses and crackers are all you need. And don't forget to always have a bottle of bubbles chilled and ready to go!