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Outside of style and beauty, there's still so much more you can explore and do to make each day an indigo day. From making your home feel like a calming place to relax, to entertaining small gatherings with friends, it's all here. And if you're looking for some advice, I got you covered. I'm dishing everything from dating, health, wellness and career, explore it all!

How To Be Alone

I woke up on March 1st with a terrible sore throat and that dreadful feeling that you’d spend the rest of the week in bed with a cold. I turned on my usual Today Show while still snuggled up with my dog under my cozy down comforter. The first headline was “Coronavirus In America” and...

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I love to share even the personal things. Whether it's about dating struggles, managing friendships, or my life lessons of running a blog, I'm an open book. I love sharing with my readers and connecting on a more personal level.